Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Bucket List (28 Things to do in November)

To celebrate one of the best months (and holidays) of the year, I've compiled a bucket list of twenty-eight things to do in November (one for each particular order). I'm getting so excited for Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for all my great readers! (That's a hint for you to follow me.)
  1. Do a great and memorable act of service (for your family and those you are serving). Grab your family and friends and go work at a soup kitchen, run in a charity race, volunteer for community events...there are so many different ways to share your love to others. This is a great place to get ideas. 
  2. Sort through old family photos. My family has boxes and boxes of photos from my parents' generation and all of us kids' generation just waiting to be sorted and hung around the house. It's a marvelous reminder of our family history and all we have to be grateful for.
  3. Make a personal gratitude journal. This is something I've been wanting to do lately. You can record the beautiful and plentiful things in the world that you are grateful for! 
  4. Go on nature walks/hikes. Surround yourself with nature and the wonderful things of this world. 
  5. Watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". This one is a given.
  6. Play flag football! (The most competitive and physically aggressive pastimes seem to bring my family closer together)
  7. Have a family blessings jar. Each evening have each member of the family write down on a strip of paper something they're grateful for, or a blessing in their life, every day of the year and next Thanksgiving read all the papers out loud. 
  8. Make a delicious Thanksgiving feast!
  9. Visit a Christmas tree farm! Yes I am one of those annoying goons that get excited for Christmas in April.