about anna

My name is Anna, I'm eighteen going on eighty. My loves include:  Better 

Homes & Garden magazine, dark chocolate, warm flannels, the woods

moose, bright red lipstick, leather jackets, (nice) cats, daisies, holidays 

(shout out to Pioneer Day!), camping, hiking, dancing in the kitchen

weddingslicking the batter off of spoons, playing my guitar, pretending 

I'm funny, MAKING VIDEOSplaying with kids, doing my makeup, horoscopes

listening to music in the car and in the shower and while breathingattending  

concerts and playssnuggling with my pillow petroasting 

marshmallows, giving hugsromantic chick flicks, psycho-analyzing my 

life, self-help books and wiki-hows, drinking apple juicebreakfast for 

dinner, taking pictures, reading good books, going on Pinterest, and 

doing crafts. Sometimes I pretend to run or read the dictionary but I mostly just watch 

Netflix and eat pizza. 

"I feel awkward around humans."

Email: annamarieroberts62@gmail.com
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Feel free to shoot me an email anytime! I'm usually busy around the full moon, but other than that I should be available. Bat-signal may also work.

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  1. You should definitely be a writer!! Such talent with words!