Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Summertime Gladness

I did it! I successfully finished my first semester of college, my first trial of being on my own (I only almost burned the kitchen down once and only called my mom four times a day). My friends called me "Lonely Girl"... if I had any friends...
But I did finish with a 3.85 so I am pretty proud of myself (:

Here are some pics!

This is Sierra! She is getting surgery today, so please send prayers her way. She is magnificent and fabulous. End of story.

These are Liz (Lizard) and Morgan (MoMo). They're 'aight. They make me laugh a lot and we like to psychoanalyze ourselves and take trips to the ER.

This picture kind of explains us.

This is my beautiful roommate Ashley. She was the best. She is more dramatic than I am (;
And here lies Adrienne, my second roommate. We haven't seen her since Friday. But she is getting married on Saturday! Yay for Little Joe's and Adrienne Jr's! 

But anywho. I am finished with that crap people call education and onto real life experience, like eating leftover Easter candy, driving the streets of Tooele County, and gardening. 
Speaking of driving. I had a car named Polly Fiona Clementine Roberts. And she was beautiful. My friends and I found a condom, a lighter, some glow sticks, and some crushed up "Excedrin" in her bowels. She smelled like weed and the hopes and dreams of new life. But as the saying goes, all good things come to an end. And she is at the hospital right now :(

I am actually very excited for this summer! I have a rockin' internship with the sweetest wedding planner ever, my best friend is coming home from her mission, my cat loves me, and I get to eat real food again. 

Also, I actually have not neglected this blog for the past month - I have four posts written up as drafts, I just haven't posted them...

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