Thursday, February 6, 2014

guess who's back, back again...

Hello beautiful people! So it's been since November 1st since I've published anything...yeah I know....awkward... but I am here! And it is February and beautiful!

I am in Logan now, going to school! COLLEGE. Holy heck! When did that happen? I have been here for one month today. And I am LOVING it. I love the campus, my classes, the people, and the atmosphere. I have successfully convinced 64% of the people I talk to that I am NOT awkward and that my social life is thriving (I've eaten three chocolate cakes since I've been here).

My goal for this blog is to encompass my life on here. I love being silly, but I love other things too! Like Netflix! But in all seriousness, I will be posting my fashion (on the days I actually try), maybe some sad and serious thoughts, and definitely more awkward moments. Now that I am around humans my age, there are plenty of opportunities to be totes awks.

Giggle of the day!! I have survived -7 degrees. I can survive anything!!!!

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