Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So it's April...

So it may or may not have been over a month since I last posted. And I may or may not feel incredibly guilty because I made an unbreakable vow to myself that I would not wait this long to post again...but I broke that vow...and now it's just awkward because I don't know how to punish myself??

Update: BOYS ARE DUMB. Ridiculously ridiculous. They are superficial animals who lead you on, rip your heart out, and laugh while drinking tea with satan. That's why I need a MAN. Or no one because I am a strong independent woman who loves to imagine a future filled with empty nights and a toilet seat left down. Just kidding. I'm not really THAT bitter....

I am getting ready for my last month of school!! Wow. That happened too quickly. But now I get to go enjoy a summer of work, laughter, planting a garden, getting tan, and petting my cat.

So I feel like I have suffered extreme amounts of faux-pas since being in Logan, the more than usual. I am almost 100% positive my bishopric hates me because of a few inappropriate and highly embarrassing incidents that occurred during Sacrament Meeting. I have scared off about 110% of the dating pool (I can completely admit that all of my relationship problems stem from two things: I always go for the same type of guy who always ends up being the exact same person and I lose in the end, and I seem to make any and every instance awkward. I just get flustered and overwhelmed and then I overwhelm others and it's just weird). But plus side: I have met some AMAZING people and have made GREAT friends. Sierra is probably just the best thing that ever happened to me. She is a highly less promiscuous and classier version of Carrie Bradshaw, or a much more pleasant and younger Miranda Priestly.

And I don't really have any good pictures to post with this so use your imagination. I need to take more pictures...
I will post more. I promise.

And I will post meaningful things from now on that actually have a point, not just my rambling about my super cool life.

Thanks noobs.

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