Tuesday, October 15, 2013

9 ways to get the guy

1. Watch him through his windows. By seeing his daily routine, you are able to find out more about his personal interests and therefore you have more openings for a conversation.

2. Sit behind him in class or stand behind him in line and smell his hair. Boys love it when girls smell their hair.

3. Write songs about how much you like him and then follow him around and sing them to him. Everyone loves to be serenaded.

4. Wink constantly. Even better, wink slowly with both eyes and sort of flip your hair in a seductive way. That'll get him.

5. Tell him that your children are going to have eyes just like his. He'll get the hint.

6. Create a Sims family featuring you and him as the parents. Take pictures and put them in a scrapbook. Put the scrapbook somewhere he'll find it. (some good places are in his locker, car, shower, or under his pillow)

7. Threaten his life if he doesn't date you. Show him you're serious by making a voodoo doll that highly resembles him. He'll be running into your arms in no time.

8. Whisper in his ear while he's dreaming. It'll send thoughts about you to his head and he'll wake up thinking about you.

9. Show him your Wedding Board on Pinterest. Done deal.

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