Friday, October 18, 2013

pumpkin patch

Like every other American this month, I ventured into the charming and wonderful world of outstanding orange output. Also known as pumpkins. (You would be astonished at how little adjectives and synonyms for "crop" begin with O). It was fun, pumpkins always get me going. We didn't get to see too much of the actual farm (kudos to the kiddies) but we got to collect pumpkins which is the sole reason to go to a pumpkin patch anyway, right?

While I was there I realized a few things:

  • Kids are gross. They like to stick things where they don't belong, eat things that should NOT be eaten, and throw up all over your hands when you drive around too many bends.
  • I cannot wait to have children. Despite their tantrums, dirty faces, runny noses, and uncanny ability to make you want to stock up on contraceptives, they're beautiful. They're funny, honest, and know how to have a real good time. 
  • Do not drive on the 10 at four in the afternoon. Worst decision ever.
  • Pumpkins are about 10x heavier than they look and look 10x better at a farm than at Walmart.

Oh October. How magical you are.

Viewer disclosure: I did post a very similar post to the other blog, that one was a bit happier, so read it too!

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  1. most magical post yet. don't drive on the 10 at 4 in the afternoon. best lesson learned!