Monday, October 14, 2013

in the words of a blonde

Oh em gee. Anna is starting another blog?!?!? Why yes, I am. This blog (imwithawkward) is more of my humor blog, my unserious blog, the place to act insanely weird and awkward. I'll still post on here (I have some cool new ideas in progress), but I will also post on my new blog. My new blog is:

In the Words of a Blonde!!!!!

This blog is my more serious, creative, and "grown up" side. I'll post things more that have to do with my every day life (even the un-awkward things), my beliefs, opinions, and creative thoughts. So please follow this new blog!!! I'd SO appreciate it if you'd spread it around, make it known. When I know I have people reading, it makes it MUCH more enjoyable to write. I suppose I could write just for myself-I do enjoy my own thoughts.

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