Monday, September 2, 2013


Why is autumn truly the best season? Well, besides the hot football players, mostly because of the food. And the smells. And the clothes. Here is my list of top ten reasons why fall is the best quarter of the year!

1. So much food. There is candy for Halloween, Thanksgiving feasts, pumpkin flavored everything.
2. Break out scarves, boots, pea coats, and sweaters! No other season has clothes quite as cozy, comfortable, or cute as fall.
3. You walk into Michael's and BOOM. It's like Halloween Town. It literally brings tears of joy to my eyes.
4. It smells like happiness everywhere you go. You can walk into a doctor's office and it feels like you're walking off of the Mayflower. True patriotism.
5. Football: bringing more Americans together than the 4th of July. Almost as much as The Bachelor.
6. Feeling sad? Just walk by a local elementary school and literally feel the festive spirit of fall pouring out of the pumpkin clad hallways. (Don't linger though.)
7. Everybody is in a festive mood! Even if you hate holidays (which is the same as hating happiness) then it's the perfect time of year for you. You can act like a witch and everyone assumes it's just in character.
8. Target has the best back-to-school sales.
9. The leaves change from a dull green to beautiful browns! And some reds and oranges and yellows. And you even get to jump in piles of leaves. How beautiful.
10. The only time of the year (minus Christmas because Christmas doesn't even count as a season, more like a state of pure joy) that you can walk around carrying Starbucks and pies and wearing orange and black and a witches hat and get away with it.

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