Wednesday, September 4, 2013

full breed

Today I fell into a crafty mood, making me feel like I accomplished something. I took care of a baby for one half of the day and did crafts the second half. I felt like a full-breed Mormon mom. Especially since my crafts were missionary care-packages.

Here are pictures to show off my skills!

My "Box of Sunshine"
includes: yellow water bottle, yellow notebook, orange tic-tacs, orange chapstick, orange loofa, yellow bag of M&Ms, dried apricots, Goldfish, Cheez-its, a yellow sponge, and yellow tampons.

My "10 Things You Gain From a Mission" box
includes: letters with q quote inside-each symbolizing a different "gift", and then a small treat to go with each gift. Ex: Being a "fisher-of-men" and Goldfish crackers. Here is the link to the idea! I tweaked some of the original choices though.

I felt super cool after doing all of this! Especially because now I'm going to go make homemade strawberry mousse for some friends! Whoop whoop for Crafty Anna!
P.S. I also bought these at Target today. Can you say SCORE???? 

Does life get any better???


  1. Sorry to report that I have eaten quite a few of your cookies. I enjoy the blog!