Monday, September 2, 2013


Welcome ladies and gents, freaks and geeks! imwithawkward is my stupendously fun blog about life and the awkwardness of it. I have often been described using the word awkward and find many situations awkward, so I often am with awkward!

I've been called awkward on dates, at dances, at parties, and with my friends. My nickname is Awko Taco and I even have a shirt with that name on it. There was one time where I was in Barcelona and I was walking with this cute jerk. I was trying to be all flirty and cute, and the only thing he could come up with to say was "You're really awkward, you know." I get told that at least twenty times a week. I think I like to make situations awkward on purpose.

Short summary of who I am: my name is Anna. I am eighteen, living in LA in my parent's guest bedroom, and waiting for my life to begin. I enjoy watching Netflix while eating Oreos and singing to myself in my bedroom. I am excited to be publicly awkward and to have ya'll join in on my awkwardness!