Saturday, September 28, 2013

new design

As you, my thousands of followers and avid readers may have noticed (or not) that I changed the look of this blog. "Why would she do that?" you may ask. "She spent hours figuring out the other layout and it looked so groovy and sexy," you may say. Dear readers, I changed the layout for a good few reasons. 1. I got bored of the other one. 2. While it was pretty dang endearing, it reminded me of my sophomore year of high school and we all know that that right there is a bad omen. 3. Chevron is out. 4. I felt I wanted a classier, simpler vibe.

I was actually inspired by another girl's blog. I would tell you her name but she doesn't know me and I actually spent 15 minutes stalking her on instagram and eventually came to her blog and though I'm cute, I'm not that cute and she'd probably get pretty creeped out.

But this girl (let's call her Amber) Amber is my kindred spirit. And not in the "oh you're so cool I want to be your best friend" sort of way. But in the "why do you have to be older than me because now if I am similar to you then people will think I'm stealing your vibe which I'm not-I was born to be a similar person than you." Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I don't want to copy her. In fact I'm pretty jealous of her because she has a great singing voice and those cool hipster glasses that my face is too narrow to pull off. She even talks the way I do. (I write different than I talk. My writing is totes more sophisticated and presh where my speaking voice is for sure more girlie and obvi adorbs. Ya'll should be so jelly, it's cray).

Amber, though, is the person I desire to be. And I almost hate her for it. Which is awful and I'm shaming myself inside but I can't help being a bit resentful. This cool girl has all the same interests as me, but can rock side braids like no one's business.

Which brings me to my point that even though she's cool and I'm scrolling through her photos saying to myself "yeah I want to be her", I am happy with being myself. I think I'm cool too and I have great eyebrows. I've actually been on this soul-searching mission the past few months. The mission isn't really about finding my soul-I've known for awhile who I am and what I want out of life. This mission was more for me to finally be comfortable being 100% me. I needed to love myself and be alright being on my own and begin to start the wondrous journey into the big-kid world.

Yet, there are still a few things I desire to gain in my own life. So Amber has inspired me to make a short list of goals that I want to accomplish. Here they are:

-Learn to wear a beanie and rock it
-Take more pictures
-Don't be afraid to talk to cute boys
-Become familiar with classic black & white films
-Bake cookies

So there you are folks! I will be achieving these ambitions and if anyone has any advice on how to be efficiently triumphant, then please, I'm open to suggestions.

So, yeah, I did change the design of my blog.


  1. Hi. This is Ashley. I just thought I'd let you know I love you. I'm happy to have made the blog!!! (Temple pic) I think I need a shoutout.

  2. I can teach you all of that? No need to stalk!