Friday, September 13, 2013

freaky friday

Today was such a wonderful day. Here is how it went:

I woke up at 9:30 and pinned until 10:30. I then got out of bed, made my way to the extremely bright kitchen, and ate a cookie and a Reese's. Then I decided I wanted to go back to bed. So I then went on for two hours, lifted some weights, tweezed my eyebrows, and heated up some leftover potato wedges. I ate the wedgy glory in my bed (with homemade fry sauce) and pinned more on to my humor board. In the 30 minutes I was pinning, I lost two followers and gained four. It was almost like playing Oregon Trail. I then watched five hours of Supernatural. My hard-working father picked up Indian food for dinner so that was a nice break from my busy life.

Then I went on a date with my boyfriend Jake. We ate a candlelit dinner, read poetry, and stargazed. Here we are! 

Jake is such a great guy. He is the beginning to something I call "The Awkward Project: Lonely Girl Problems". He'll be making many more premiers in my life.

So overall, I would say today was a productive day, and an extremely freaky Friday. Especially because I almost died. But that is another post for another time.

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