Thursday, September 26, 2013

awkward things of the week

-My best friend informed me we weren't best friends anymore. That's the third time that's happened to me.
-I wept when I ventured into the ATM ,"Target", and saw all of the Halloween merchandise.
-I panicked when my crush called me on the phone so I started sweeping the house and replied to him with song lyrics only. He didn't understand and eventually hung up.
-My palms started sweating when I had a flashback of an embarrassing moment from the sixth grade.
-I walked around in a circle in Cotton On for twenty minutes humming to myself because I didn't want to buy anything and I didn't know how to tell the scary sales person (who kept smiling weird and pointed at me and then the clothes and then back to me and then to the SALE sign...) that I just wanted to leave.
-It took me five minutes to open an "easy open" bag of Tortilla chips. I broke a sweat and my mom ended up opening it for me.
-I spit out my food on at least six different people while laughing.
-I scored "You are the weirdest person ever. You could walk anywhere and people would notice your great power of awkwardness" on a quiz I took.

On the plus side, 200 people re-pinned one of my pins. That's pretty groovy.

I found this book at Michael's. No one believed me that this terrifying novel existed.
My parents and I did soda shots. My mom voted alcohol but she compromised for carbonation instead.

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