Saturday, September 7, 2013


What is love? What does love mean to me? Love is definitely the most confusing, simple, retold story of human existence. Every person on this earth seeks love. Every person on this earth needs love. There are hundreds of different types of love! My favorite is the kind that makes you happy. I was thinking last night about what it means to love. I think love is pure. With true love, for whomever it is for, it is unadulterated, uncomplicated, and simply just peaceful. I once told a friend, "I don't understand it when people say love is complicated. Love is easy. Relationships are what is complicated. Loving someone is the easiest thing in the world." And I stand true to that!

We like to make things complicated. And why being in love can become complicated because two people with two hearts and two minds are involved, really loving someone is easy and natural. My favorite word to describe love is shine. Shine is my favorite word in general, but I think shine is perfect when it describes love. When you see "the one" or anyone you care deeply about, they shine. Your heart shines. Your soul shines. Nothing else matters. You can literally feel the love and you can see it in the shine in your eyes and in the shine that surrounds the other person. It doesn't have to be just a romantic interest. My family shines. My best friend shines. Everyone I love shines.

When you love someone, your heart smiles. And that is enough. That is what love is. Love consists of thousands of other things, but when you go down to the core of it, love is simple. It is a pure and smiling shine.

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